Game Village is an indie projects showcase inside the GameDev Days where developers can present their latest games and get feedback from the experts and conference attendees.

Tactical dungeon crawler game Rezrog became one of the favourite among all attendees in GameDev Days in Tallinn from 8. -9.04 2016. Participants noted the exquisite game art style, innovative tactical approaches and ease of playing.

Our experience in the event showed that there are people excited about tabletop aesthetics put into PC space. Additionally it is highly important to achieve game art that fits with your game design and creates wish to play and enjoy. We are back in development of the Rezrog and we expect it to come out in 2016!

Imants on 2016-04-14 15:21:15 said:
It was great to show the game to people in the industry and to receive invaluable feedback for whole two days straight!