While in Tallinn Game Dev Days we heard a lot of wonderful words and praises for Rezrog, it was great to hear feedback and suggestions. We had a map of dungeon planned within later phases of development, but because we received so many opinions that map of is missing for better game experience, we took Read more

To give you insights from rogue-like dungeon crawler Rezrog game art evolution, we would like to introduce you to the iterations of UI. Scroll down and see our first UI as well as one we have now. In the picture above you can see todays Rezrog character info and inventory screen, which has book, paper-like Read more

Game Village is an indie projects showcase inside the GameDev Days where developers can present their latest games and get feedback from the experts and conference attendees. Tactical dungeon crawler game Rezrog became one of the favourite among all attendees in GameDev Days in Tallinn from 8. -9.04 2016. Participants noted the exquisite game art style, Read more

Soaphog Game Studio is bringing Rezrog, roguelike dungeon crawler with cartoony graphics set in fantasy world to PC, expected in 2016. In order to bring the experience of Rezrog in a way it is today, development process underwent countless iterations. Rezrog was planned as a 2D roguelike experience, where you can use skills as trading Read more