In the lands of Rezrog dwarves are well known for their industrious labor and loyalty to their clans. But they also are known for their ability to wield forge hammer and battle axe equally well. Devotion to tough work hardens their bodies and spirit to survive even the harshest battles.

There could be many reasons for dwarf warrior to seek adventures. Some aim to bring glory to their clan while other may search for a long lost ancient weapon or treasure. Coming from homeland deep under mountains, dwarf warrior can’t be scared by any ordinary dark dungeon. In fact, it takes significant amount of foes for him to consider it at least worth to worry about. What brings great threat will also bring much greater prize and dwarf warrior isn’t afraid to look for both in the heart of the battle.

Dwarf warrior’s native endurance and persistence combined with shield and armor helps him withstand most dangerous creatures and weapons. Armed with superior combat skills he masters any kind of weapon and is threatening enough even without one. Lifelong battle experience makes him able to change tactics and maneuver swiftly to conquer any dungeon of his choice.

Warrior starts with a sword and a shield. His main stat is strength. Upon levelling up warrior’s strength increases by 2.



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