Elven kingdom is hidden from other races sight. Ancient forests, places of untouched beauty, keep secrets of one of the most graceful races of all. Living fairly isolated life, elves have all the time in the world to become masters in anything they value. Sometimes it’s art, poetry or music; other times it’s magic, swordplay or archery. And there’s no difference, which of them elf decides to master – native arrogance forces them to become the best or not to try at all.

Living isolated life may cause wanderlust. World known only by legends and stories can’t compare to the real one. Thirst to experience freezing mountain wind or scorching desert noon takes some elfs to the borders of known lands and even beyond. Exploring wildest places takes excellent survival and combat skills and elf archer has them all and even more. Chosen to become superior in the art of archery, elf archer will let her enemies only at a shot range close. Fight at a distance suits elven solitary nature like no other. Opponents have no chances to get any closer without being caught in variety of ingenious traps.

Using lightness and agility inherited from her ancestors elf archer is a swift and lethal threat. She catches sight of any creature when it doesn’t even suspect her presence. But once elf archer reveals herself with a volley of arrows there’s nowhere to run or hide. Path cleared with arrows takes her to explore yet unknown legends behind dungeons of Rezrog.

Archer starts with a bow. Her main stat is agility. Upon levelling up archer’s agility increases by 2.




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