Deep in the forests of Rezrog elven race lives hidden from any other sight. Their ancient culture avoids outside world’s influence and preserves its peaceful existence. Lifetime equal to several human lifespans provides plenty of possibilities to become master in art, science or any other performance. Magic is considered as one of the noblest and majestic forms of them. Occasionally elves are compelled to take a journey through lands and undergrounds of Rezrog, that are too dangerous to explore on their own. Self-conceit doesn’t let independent elves to ask for help, so some of them are choosing to conjure their own loyal companion and protector.

Summoning creatures from other planes of existence is only one of the forms of magic in lands of Rezrog. But not every scholar is capable to comprehend skills of taming monster from another dimension. In order to subdue creature’s wild nature summoner must take control over his own temper and thoughts first. Moreover, not everyone who succeed to invoke a beast survive their first summoning experience. Those who manage to tame the monster obtain source of great power in addition to a servant from another dimension. Once bond is established the link works both ways – the creature gains power and abilities as his master gets more proficient. This power though may have side effects like changes in summoner’s appearance or even personality.

In combat it’s easy to realise necessity of avoiding a pale person accompanied with ominous creature this world have never seen before. The most powerful summoners might even call for several monsters at once. Sinister creatures will serve and protect their master with costs of their lives – of course, if they are mortal at all. Foes are left to hope that monsters they meet in dungeons of Rezrog aren’t summoned ones.

Summoner starts with a staff. His main stats are intellect and agility. Upon levelling up summoner’s intellect and agility increases by 1.


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