Although humans live much shorter lives compared to dwarves or elves, they countervail lack of lifespan with persistence in everything they do. Including learning. Only the most dedicated apprentices are proven worthy to study magic arts. And only few of them master their path through spells and incantations earning rights to be called wizards or mages.

Mage spends whole life by surpassing her own achievements. Word “impossible” doesn’t mean a finish, it’s a challenge for an inquiring mind. Countless hours of studies and experiments with magic may leave marks not only on scholar’s temper but also on physical appearance. Don’t be surprised by pale skin or glowing eyes, human mage’s appearance has been altered by crystals during her searches of new magic powers. Mastering mysteries of Rezrog comes with a price after all.

Mage may not seem an impressive opponent at first sight. But her ability to create fireballs, lightning or meteor rains with a single word will speak for itself. Everything you can only imagine mage can bring to life only by her will. Master of shaping reality may simply turn foes into harmless creatures and continue her dungeon exploration journey. Where other adventurers seek treasure or glory, mage searches for long lost secrets to uncover.

Mage starts with a staff. Her main stat is intellect. Upon levelling up mage’s intellect increases by 2.



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