Accomplishing power with hard work in rightful ways is always praised. But people rarely ponder if forbidden methods are rightfully condemned or just too frightful for them? Where others see horror, abomination and threats, warlocks see opportunities.The ones who crave power right here and now will follow any path even if it leads to the darkness.

Grimoires covered in ashes of their previous owners provide knowledge of spells and rituals that should’ve vanished centuries ago for the sake of any reader’s safety. Once it has been decided to become a warlock there’s no way back. Spirits luring from shadows lend their powers to someone only in order to devour that person at any sign of weakness or doubts. Those who dare to take this path sooner or later obtain demonic appearance as well as grim temper.

Even if appearance, temper and dark past aren’t sinister enough, warlock’s dark powers are truly ominous. Master of demonic minions applies methods others hesitate to use. Terror and pain are sent over accidental disturber, corrupting diseases steal stronger opponent’s vitality and horrific curses leave marks on a victim for the rest of his life. In face of greater danger warlock is able to summon infernal creature to incinerate any threat. After that he’ll continue his obscure journey through dungeons of Rezrog to lay hands on another long lost grimoire or cursed artefact.

Warlock starts with a staff. His main stats are intellect and endurance. Upon levelling up warlock’s intellect and endurance increases by 1.


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